(Above) The 2018 YardApes Team wishes you an amazing Holiday Season!

Champions Through Adversity

2018, as you may have gathered or heard, was the toughest year in our 28-year tenure. There were a ton of things both outside and within our control that, in retrospect could or should have been done better, or differently. As we move on and welcome 2019, we are incredibly grateful to have your friendship, patronage, and the honor of announcing our Landscape Industry Certified Technicians and Annual Award Winners.

This crop of “Ape Standouts” were, as in years past, selected by both Client and Employee votes.

What makes them extra-special are the conditions in which they proved their dedication to teamwork, client satisfaction, and representing the Industry as a whole.

Please join us in sincere congratulations for the following men who made 2018 considerably brighter and earned their respective certifications!

Landscape Professionals.

People often ask “there’s a test?” whenever the National Association of Landscape Professionals (NALP) sanctioned exam is mentioned. The answer to that is a resounding “YES!”.

This exam is multi-facted and composed of both hands-on and written examinations related to various horticultural principles, plant identification, safety protocol, as well as applying the knowledge through various skill demonstrations with a time limit and proctor. It is truly a test of both knowledge and skill administered at testing facilities across the United States. While the next generation of tests may be entirely written, this group of Apes (and all prior) satisfactorily completed all components in hands-on and knowledge test and are now Landscape Industry Certified Technicians in their respective element.

With the certification, they are expected to not only be masters of their craft, but act as skilled teachers, Crew Leaders, and proud representatives of the trade and industry as a whole. As you can see from the photos, there is immense pride associated with the certification, and we are elated to present our six newest Landscape Industry Certified Technicians!

Kyle Onorato

Jesus Alberto-Millanez

Max Juarez-Tolentino

Filemon Vargas-Galarza

Juan Perez-Mendoza

Ruben Meza-Villeda

2018 YardApes Award Winners

Selected by a combined pool of client and employee votes. Please congratulate our 2018 standouts (and their families for their support) for a job well done during the toughest year in our tenure!

Golden Pruners

Tidiest Estate Management/Gardening.

Manuel “Manny” Labanda

“Mr. Miyagi” 

Best instruction and mentorship.

Anibal Morataya-Martinez (Francisco)

Golden Shovel

Best Landscape Installations.

Jesus Millanez


Best use of technology in the field.

Kyle Onorato

Golden Mower

Best mowing.

Dustin Radman


For always keeping safety at the forefront.

Filemon Vargas-Galarza

“…and the Ape of the Year for 2018 is…”

Anibal Morataya-Martinez (Francisco!)

“Ape of the Year is not for or about me, it’s for all of the great men and women I had the chance to work with this season”.


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