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Northwestern Connecticut’s award-winning landscape firm, YardApes, is a full-service design, construction and maintenance company serving residential and commercial clients since 1990.

Ten Things You May Not Know About Us:

10 We have a tipi at World Headquarters. We’ve yet to have a meeting in the tipi, unless you count after-hours. It gets deep.

6 Shayne started in marketing, eventually graduating from UCONN with a degree in finance. He also took Film 101 and from his cursory knowledge, will tell you how every movie is going to end. Or at least when a character will die.

2 Shayne went on only one interview after college. It was then he decided: a. he didn’t like to wear suits; b. he’d rather work for himself; and c. he preferred the outdoors to the indoors.

9 The Connecticut affiliate of the American Psychological Association honored YardApes with two of its five 2008 Psychologically Healthy Work Place Awards: Employee Growth and Development and Employee Recognition. We received awards alongside Pratt & Whitney and Paul Newman’s Hole in the Wall Gang camp.

5 Yardapes has softball, football and basketball teams. But, it’s our little-known bowling team that has the best record.

8 The Quad-Am Golf Classic began as YardApes’ Annual Hackfest, an end-of-season company outing. To date, we’ve raised over $56,000 for local nonprofits.

4 Shayne serves on the board of directors for NALP, a national trade association advocating the highest standards in industry education, best practices, and business professionalism.

1 Some of our clients from 1987 are still clients today. We’re grateful for our community’s support. Thank you for helping us follow our passion.

7 YardApes was named 2011′s Landscaper of the Year finalist. We were among the 12 finalists chosen by the Total Landscape Care editorial staff in recognition of “exemplifying the highest standards of landscape professionals, including business acumen, marketing and equipment management expertise, attention to safety and community involvement.”

3 Mike Weiland came up with our name. He called his niece and nephew Yard Apes -from Ramona Quimby- when they’d roughhouse on the lawn.

Know Us From Somewhere?

Our Core Beliefs

AUTHENTICITY // in all things.
In our communication, our company, our relationships.

COMMUNITY // we believe in the power of community to change lives.

ENVIRONMENTAL RESPONSIBILITY // we are constantly evaluating our strategies to better suit the needs of the world around us.

Ridgefield CT Lawncare

PASSION // without it, we are nothing.

LEAVE A LEGACY // we believe everyone, everywhere benefits from a connection with nature.

We believe everyone everywhere benefits from a connection with nature.

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