“One In A (half) Million.”

The July 2016 IBIS World Market Report revealed 495,157 active companies with their hands in the landscape industry. With so many options and an amazing pool of talent in the field, you may wonder what makes YardApes unique and worthy of your business.

1. We Have a Mission and We Take it Seriously.

“To continue to nurture the growing relationships with our clients and community through professionalism, attention to detail, hard work, and continued education.”

2. We Have Values and We Conduct Ourselves in Accordance with Them.

A work in progress for almost 30 years, our Values System is introduced to every new hire, regardless of position, re-iterated annually at Spring Kickoff, and reinforced as needed. At the core of these guidelines are client focus, respect, and integrity.

Southbury CT Masonry

5. We Love the Land (and community) in Which We Are Charged To Improve and Maintain.

Wearing the green polo isn’t just about showing up, whacking a few weeds, and collecting a paycheck. From our most junior technicians, to our President himself, we love and respect this land. Our men and women embrace the outdoor lifestyle and can be found enjoying various activities during their off time. This community has been great to us and we like to give back. As such, the spirit of volunteerism prevails, and each year we donate hundreds of hours of our own time, equipment, and sweat to improve the lives of citizens by maintaining existing public and non-profit properties at zero cost during our Day of Service. It’s not always about preforming a pro-bono fall cleanup for a worthy cause. While we take this responsibility seriously, we also have fun along the way. To date, our largest annual event, the YardApes Golf Classic, has raised over $84,000, and generated countless laughs as we hack along the fairways.

7. The Bottom Line: Respect. 

Respect for each other, our equipment, our clients, and the land for which we are charged to improve or maintain.

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3. We are Professionals and Dress the Part.

We aim to change the perception of the industry as a whole and feel that the change should start with us.  Despite the outdoor nature of most of our work, we strive to maintain a neat appearance. This means we show up to your property looking spiffy! Our uniforms and vehicles are neat and clean, our equipment is well-maintained, our skills are unparalleled, and our attitudes are always positive.

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4. We are Constantly Learning! YardApes travels Across the United States (and world) Several Times a year.

We go far beyond “on the job’ training. While extremely valuable, we take it a step above and frequent national landscaping eents, including the NALP “Landscapes”. These events go above “how to plant a tree” and cover topics such as industry trends, climate considerations as they pertain to our practices, and client service (one primary focus).

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6. “It’s Not My Job” is Never Said Here. “Si se puede” (It Can Be Done) is More Like It.

We are a unified team from the top down and we will do what it takes to help the cause. If a mow crew technician knows how to weld and our awesome Mechanic/Mad Scientist George is deep into tearing apart an engine for rebuild, s/he fixes that broken trailer ramp. If the weather changes unexpectedly and a crew needs assistance finishing before the threat of lightning approaches, Operations Manager Greg Kaiser is there, shovel in hand, making sure what has been promised gets delivered on time.

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We believe everyone everywhere benefits from a connection with nature.

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