2 0 1 4  Ape of the Year: Isauro Perez

Awarded to the employee who consistently demonstrates initiative, and who exceeds performance standards, the Ape of the Year recipient is determined by both client and co-worker votes.

Isauro, who’s been with the YardApes, Inc. for 12 years, also holds the 2007 Ape of the Year title. Clients recognize Isauro for his professionalism, and for his quick response to, and resolution of, any issues.

This past year Isauro was responsibile for an account four times the size of any we’d maintained previously, spanning 50 acres and 145 units. A three man crew—Isauro, along with Juan Perez Mendoza and Erick Reyes—worked there full-time, five days a week. Isauro was on site from start to finish managing the maintenance crew.

He made my life way easier. Isauro doesn’t need to be micro-managed. He knows what a good job is and how to do it. –Greg Malmberg, YardApes’ All Around Great Guy.

Despite the demands of such a large property, Isauro wasn’t intimidated by the job. He wanted to do it, and he liked the challenge.

Always meticulous in his work, that is often challenging, Isauro is our go-to guy. He is dependable. Isauro is committed to his work and for that we are grateful.

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