Arrive (and relax) In Style! A Brief Overview of Walkways and Patios

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Southbury Connecticut Bluestone Walkway


Our last post touched on outdoor kitchens and firepits, and we may have gotten a little ahead of ourselves. With all things in life, it’s nice to not only get somewhere, but arrive in style. On that note, today’s topic will cover walkways, patios, and give us the opportunity to show off the work of one of the most creative and hard-working folks YardApes has ever known; Head Mason Ramiro Parra (pictured below). Ramiro has been with us for 12 years this Spring and his talent never ceases to amaze!


Ramiro Parra Head Mason of YardApes Inc.

Arrive In Style: Walkways

One of the first impressions a visitor to your home will formulate as soon as they step foot on the walkway. Take a look at your current path and ask yourself if it serves both goals of function and form. A properly designed path should first and foremost be safe, sturdy, and allow foot traffic to and from an entryway. Secondly comes style. Does your current walkway match the feel and character of the home or building? It may be time to assess if a renovation or complete remodel is necessary if either utility or aesthetic goals are not being met.

Natural Stone or Pavers?

paths & walkways New Milford CTpaths & walkways New Milford CT

This is dependent on preference, budget, and utility. For example, you may prefer the look of an irregular and whimsical “stepping stone” configuration with large voids of grass growing between each. Many choose this as a path for residential spaces, but it would not be recommended for anyone with a family member or frequent visitor that utilizes a wheelchair or has difficulty walking unaided. In a case like this, a more suitable solution could be either a relatively flat surface like bluestone without large gaps. This will also be easier for snow-removal during the Winter. Bricks and pavers will also allow easy passage for mobility compromised individuals.

Where The Magic Happens: Patios

patio New Milford CT

Similar to walkways, a carefully considered patio will allow the function (safe gathering space) to supercede form. A properly constructed patio space helps define an outdoor room and should facilitate decades of BBQs and backyard fun.

“In Conclusion”

This was a very brief post, but as you can imagine there are unlimited options when it comes to stone work, between material, style, budget, and function. It can be overwhelming, and something that requires a very well thought out plan to ensure that the piece meets all goals. Whether your vision is formal, rustic, or somewhere in between, we would be more than happy to help you nail down and execute a beautiful design. Feel free to us at (860)350-APES or send Kim an email with your thoughts.

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