Couldn’t do it without you

YardApes would like to extend its thanks to the sponsors, contributors and donors who made the 2015 Quad-Am Golf Classic a success. Thanks to our gold sponsor, SouthPaw Builders, and to silver sponsors Aspetuck Tree & Landscape, DPT Plumbing & Heating, and Parker Medical. Thanks also to our beverage sponsor, New Milford Spirit Shoppe and […]

Chinch Bugs

Chinch bugs will suck the life out of your lawn---literally. These pests suck juices from plant tissue while injecting chemicals, clogging the vascular system of plants. A yellow halo around damaged areas is typical of chinch bug infestation. In spite of record temperatures during our recent heat wave, don't assume that temperature alone is responsible [...]

Benefits of Mulching

Mulch is Your Garden's Best Friend! A mulch is any material, organic or inorganic, that is placed on top of the soil in a garden or landscape.  Mulches are one of a gardener’s most valuable tools and an essential component of low-maintenance landscapes. Benefits of Mulches Aside from their decorative value, mulches offer many benefits [...]


Day of Service 2015

YardApes Day of Service 2015:   Four local nonprofits and one area homeowner benefited from YardApes’ need-based initiative. Our mission: “demonstrating goodwill and environmental stewardship in revitalizing the places where people live, work, and play.” Pratt Nature Center  The 201-acre wildlife preserve and environmental education center had entrance gardens in need of pruning, cleanup and mulching. An area overgrown […]

Integrated Tick Management

Lyme disease is caused by a tick-transmitted bacterial infection. Most of the ticks that transmit Lyme disease are commonly called “deer ticks.” Historically, ticks have proven difficult to control. The complex biologic and ecologic attributes of ticks have made it nearly impossible to significantly reduce any tick population using a single approach. Fortunately, the incidence […]

Tick Tubes

    Deer spread ticks infected with Lyme disease, yes. But it is these same ticks that get Lyme disease from mice, not deer. Ticks Tubes rely on “the natural nesting instincts of mice to deliver tick-controlling permethrin directly to this host animal and the ticks it infects.” Cardboard tubes, filled with permethrin treated cotton […]

Gravel Driveway

DESIGN/Gravel Driveway  Gravel’s growing popularity is related to its increased availability and also to an expanding awareness of its richness in color, shape, and size. Most focus on its function and not on its form. Crushed gravel is at first, rough on the feet but over time, the pieces lock as they settle, providing a [...]


DESIGN/Steps You don't have to see the whole staircase; just take the first step. -Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. 

Ape of the Year

2 0 1 4  Ape of the Year: Isauro Perez Awarded to the employee who consistently demonstrates initiative, and who exceeds performance standards, the Ape of the Year recipient is determined by both client and co-worker votes. Isauro, who’s been with the YardApes, Inc. for 12 years, also holds the 2007 Ape of the Year title. Clients recognize Isauro for his [...]

Cobblestone Curbing & Apron

Cobblestone pavers, or Belgian block pavers, are not inexpensive. An affordable way to incorporate these pavers is to install a cobblestone apron or curbing. DESIGN/Cobblestone Curbing & Apron A cobblestone paver driveway can stand up as well as any other driveway material. Even better? Cobblestone pavers add value to your home and are easily maintained. Used as [...]

list of services

Estate & Garden Maintenance Lawn Care Program Lawn mowing Lawn renovation Annual plantings Container plantings Ground level pruning Integrated Pest Management Irrigation Mulching Plant healthcare Spring cleanup/fall cleanup Snow removal Tick control Waterfall/pond cleaning Winter deer protection  


DESIGN / BUILD  Waterfalls Water gardens Streamscapes Fountains Patios Paths & Walkways Outdoor kitchens Fire pits Fire Boulder Walls Retaining walls Stone seating walls Cobblestone aprons & curbing Stone & gravel driveways Outdoor lighting Irrigation Fencing & Gates Ornamental gardens Screen & shade plantings Tree & shrub planting

Lawn Care Program

Our Lawn Care Program is based on nurturing healthy soil. We practice Integrated Pest Management.  IPM is defined as: a process consisting of the balanced use of cultural, biological, and chemical procedures that are environmentally feasible, and socially acceptable to reduce pest populations to tolerable levels. Knowledge of both pests and plants—and the monitoring of each—is critical […]

Storm Safety

Storm Prep Check to make sure your flashlights and any battery-operated radios are in working order. Have a supply of extra batteries. Weather updates and news on restorations of electrical service can be heard on most local radio stations. Does your car have emergency supplies? Consider sand, shovel, flares, booster cables, rope, ice scraper, portable […]

Fire Boulder

Exclusive to YardApes in all of New England, is Fireboulder, a company specializing in artisanal fire pits. Natural stone (from an Indiana boulder farm) is hand-carved and as such, no two are alike. We love the Fireboulder in our tipi. Ours is wood-burning, complementing of its surrounds. (Fireboulders outfitted for propane gas are available, but we thought it antithetical to the tipi. Can you imagine?) In most other settings, however, the convenience of propane Fireboulders is appealing. These incredible focal points are ideal for both outdoor living rooms and commercial spaces. Fireboulders are beautiful in their simplicity and easily integrated into existing hardscapes. And, equally important as aesthetics, Fireboulders are easily maintained.

Indoor Children & ‘Nature Deficit Disorder’

This article appeared in The Greater New Milford Spectrum's Home & Garden, fall 2012. (We feel it's worthy of a second look-see.) My wife likes to keep our youngest, Ava, under what author Richard Louv calls "protective house arrest." She knows our 4-year old ought to be free to indulge in unstructured play, to experience the wonder of [...]

Renewal & Remembrance 2014

WASHINGTON – Volunteering at Arlington National Cemetery gives Shayne Newman goose bumps. “It’s hard to pay attention during the work I’m supposed to be doing,” Newman, 45, of New Milford, Conn., said. “I find myself glancing at the names on the headstones. I can’t help but wonder who these people were, but just knowing that they served our country [...]

Certification Matters

It may be impossible to quantify how becoming “certified” in the landscape industry will affect your bottom line, but what is certain is that more commercial and government accounts demand certifications by established service providers. Certification is a positive force in elevating service levels within the various segments of the green industry. While industry professionals […]

Special Thanks

Last year we thought we’d mix it up a little and do something different for Earth Day. We held a contest for green-space renewals, received submissions, and then spent the next seven weeks deliberating. Nominations rather than submissions came in on behalf deserving nonprofits, family and friends.  It really was a collaborative effort. We were […]

Praises YardApes for its Earth Day efforts

To the Editor: The Education Center of the United Methodist Church would like to send a huge thank you to all of the employees and volunteers of YardApes Landscaping. Our center was a recipient of YardApes’ fourth annual PLANET (Professional Landcare Network) Day of Service Contest. Shayne Newman, the owner of Yardapes, visited our center on several occasions to discuss […]

‘Offers thanks for ‘generous gift’ from YardApes

To the Editor: “Each man should give what he has decided in his heart to give, not reluctantly or under compulsion, for God loves a cheerful giver.” 2 Corinthians 9:7 N.I.V. Recently we were the recipients of a wonderful gift. Shayne Newman‘s YardApes chose Northville Baptist Church to receive a day of spring cleanup service by their team and […]

PLANET Day of Service 2014 spurs 90 project completions

Type #PLANETDOS into your Facebook or Twitter search bar and you’ll see evidence the Green Industry was busy on Earth Day, April 22. Off screen, the evidence was in the form of around 90 projects completed in 24 states at an estimated value of $400,000 as part of the Professional Landcare Network (PLANET) Day of Service 2014. An initiative that encourages landscape […]

Day of Service set by YardApes

YardApes Inc. in New Milford will once again participate April 22 in Professional Landcare Network Day of Service. Entries will be accepted through April 1. The landscape firm needs time to assess the nature of the projects, order materials and mobilize volunteers. The event is held in celebration of Earth Day. YardApes founder Shayne Newman, along with his firm’s team […]

Day of Service 2014

PLANET Day of Service 2014:   A six-site, community-wide outreach effort.   Three local nonprofits and three area homeowners benefitted from YardApes' need-based initiative. Our mission: “demonstrating goodwill and environmental stewardship in revitalizing the places where people live, work, and play.”  Bulls Field/New Milford football & cheer Installation of new patio for concession area, clearing of low-lying tree limbs and brush [...]


New Milford, CT. April 23, 2012—In celebration of Earth Day, YardApes’ team of volunteers revitalized the green-spaces of two area non-profit organizations and one area homeowner. “We received great submissions from our area nonprofits and homeowners,”  YardApes founder Shayne Newman said in a statement, regarding his firm’s Day of Service contest. Contest winners of the need-based […]

Williams joins YardApes staff

YardApes Inc. in New Milford recently hired J. Scott Williams as a landscape architect and account manager. Williams brings 17 years of experience in the industry to the full-service landscape design, construction and maintenance company. “We are excited to welcome Scott to our team,” saidShayne Newman, founder and president of the firm. “He brings an incredible variety of successful project […]

YardApes to Enhance Green Spaces of Abbey at Regina Laudis as PLANET Day of Service Project

Posted: Monday, April 16, 2012 12:00 am NEW MILFORD — The Professional Landcare Network (PLANET), a national lawn and landscape association, is sponsoring a nationwide Day of Service on Friday, April 20. Members of PLANET are organizing volunteer lawn and landscape projects in communities across the country, including New Milford and Bethlehem. Read more   

Winterizing Properties

Industry leading advice! Check out "The Silverbacks" tips for Winter maintenance in Condo Management Magazine on pages 12-13. Shayne's words apply not only to community living, but single-family residential and commercial property as well.

YardApes, Inc. Receives 2012 Best of New Milford Award

For the fourth consecutive year YardApes, Inc. has been selected for the Best of New Milford Award in the Landscaping category by the US Commerce Association (USCA). Nationwide, only 1 in 250 (less than half of 1%) 2012 Award recipients qualified as Four Time Award Winners. The USCA “Best of Local Business” Award Program recognizes […]

Greg Kaiser

Greg Kaiser Maestro de Céspedes Ape of the Year 2009 and 2011  contact Greg has been with Yardapes since 2008.  He oversees daily operations and the scheduling of our enhancement and construction crews, as well as account management.  Greg has been in the green industry in various roles since 2003, including stops in golf course [...]

GreenCare for Troops

GreenCare for Troops GreenCare for Troops is a nationwide outreach program coordinated by Project EverGreen that connects local green industry professionals with men and women serving our country in the armed forces away from home. GreenCare is in the process of helping hundreds of volunteers provide free lawn and landscape services for thousands of military families nationwide. By [...]

PLANET Day of Service 2012

We were thrilled to read this letter of thanks from the executive director of the Children’s Center in New Milford.  We are heartened and deeply gratified when our outreach efforts make a difference.  Read the original post on the New Milford Spectrum.   Dear YardApes Landscaping Day of Service team, it has been two weeks [...]

About Us

Northwestern Connecticut's award-winning landscape firm, YardApes, is a full-service design, construction and maintenance company serving residential and commercial clients since 1990. Ten Things You May Not Know About Us: 10 We have a tipi at World Headquarters. We've yet to have a meeting in the tipi, unless you count after-hours. It gets deep. 6 Shayne [...]

Waterfalls & Water Gardens

Water, whether still or in motion, has so great an attraction for the lover of nature, that the most beautiful landscape seems scarcely complete without it.—Montagu Pollack Most waterfall landscape designs descend into a garden pond. … before being filtered and pumped back to the […]


The Scent of Spring and Summer Skillful mulch application is one of the many elements offered by our Estate Management Division to enhance the appearance, improve plant health, and reduce soil erosion. When our crews arrive, they will first scout the affected areas for any weeds, debris, and plants that require immediate pruning (broken or [...]


I am amazed by our growth. Not in relation to crews or to trucks, but in the relationship we share with our community. We've been not only supported-but embraced-by this community, and for that I am truly grateful. -Shayne Newman, founder      My father asked me what I wanted to do for  a summer job [...]

Greg Malmberg

Greg Malmberg All Around Great Guy   Contact Greg is our Residential Client Manager and has been with YardApes for 13 years. While his focus is client relations, he continues in his roles as Construction Crew Manager, overseer of quality control & safety, and is YardApes’ primary estimator. Greg is a Landscape Industry Certified Technician, is certified in […]

Jennifer Burks

Jennifer Burks  Public Relations & Marketing Coordinator Contact Jennifer graduated from Western Connecticut State University with a degree in Professional Writing. During her time at WCSU, Jennifer contributed to The News-Times, The News-Times online publication 360, and to The Communique. At graduation, she received the Distinguished Portfolio Award for Journalism. Jennifer assesses our needs regarding press placement and responds accordingly to [...]

Lawn Care Program

Color Therapy brings color into our lives – through ornamental gardens, annuals and other plantings.

YardApes’ Earth Day Outreach

NEW MILFORD—In celebration of Earth Day, YardApes’ team of volunteers revitalized the greenspaces of two area non-profit organizations and one area homeowner. “We received great submissions from our area nonprofits and homeowners,” YardApes founder Shayne Newman said in a statement, regarding his firm’s Day of Service contest. Contest winners of the need-based initiative were determined […]

PLANET Day of Service 2010

A Place to Play From the New Milford Spectrum New Milford children have a new place to play --the Creative Playground on Pickett District Road. The old playground was razed and a new one was put up last fall. In recognition of Earth Day last month, YardApes Landscaping recently paid a visit to the site to [...]

Gardening with Moss

There is an ancient conversation going on between mosses and rocks, poetry to be sure…the dialectic of moss on stone – an interface of immensity and minuteness, of past and present, softness and hardness, stillness and vibrancy, yin and yang–Robin Wall Kimmerer, Gathering Moss: […]

YardApes receives award

NEW MILFORD, Conn. –YardApes received the best large business award from the Greater New Milford Chamber of Commerce at the chamber’s Crystal Winter Gala. Each year, the award is given to a business that provides outstanding service to both the chamber and the community. “I started out with a lawnmower and a truck,” said Shayne Newman, […]

YardApes to revitalize green spaces

YardApes owner Shayne Newman and his company’s team of volunteers will revitalize the green spaces of one area nonprofit organization and one area homeowner April 20. The Day of Service Contest is a need-based initiative. Contest winners, determined and vetted by Mr. Newman and his staff, must demonstrate a need for a green space renewal and revitalization. Last year’s […]

Bringing Families Together – Under the stars

It’s become increasingly more difficult to talk to my older daughters. They’re 15 and 13, and quiet. (My youngest is four years old and never at a loss for words.) I struggle to meet them at their level, to engage them in conversation beyond the topical. I have to say, the fire pit has been […]

PLANET Day of Service 2009

Helping Hand by Alice Tessier 4/24/2009 Volunteers rolled up their sleeves this week to spruce up the grounds at two area sites well known to the public-Sullivan Farm in New Milford and the public library in Brookfield. They turned out Wednesday-Earth Day-for the projects, under the auspices of the New Milford-based landscaping firm YardApes, Inc. […]

Whistle While You Work

Whistle While You Work FEATURES – BUSINESS MANAGEMENT A Connecticut landscape firm’s specialty isn’t just perfectly manicured lawns – it’s keeping employees happy. LINDSEY GETZ | June 11, 2009 Shayne Newman, founder and president of Yard Apes, knows a healthy worker is a happy worker. And of course everyone knows a happy worker makes a good employee. […]

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