YardApes Continues to Grow – Please Welcome J. Scott Williams, Our New Landscape Architect

Fifteen years ago, YardApes founder, Shayne Newman met Landscape Architect, J. Scott Williams when the two had a client in common. A local Connecticut lawn maintenance client of YardApes hired Scott to design an ornamental garden.  Their like-mindedness made for a seamless and successful project. Scott and Shayne shared not only similar landscape aesthetics, but […]

Shayne Newman

Shayne Newman silverback  contact   Experienced in the trade since 1987, Shayne Newman founded YardApes, Inc. in 1990 and holds the title of president. He hails from Telluride, Colorado, but has lived in New Milford for the past 29 years. Shayne received a B.S. in Finance from UCONN, is a Landscape Industry Certified Technician, Landscape [...]

J. Scott Williams

J. Scott Williams Landscape Architect Contact Originally from Buffalo, New York, Scott has lived in Crossville, Tennessee, New York’s Greenwich Village, and spent four years in the environs of Paris, France. Scott received his Bachelors of Landscape Architecture at University of Washington in Seattle, and is CLARB certified—the industry-recognized designation for licensed landscape architects. Scott [...]

Elaine Lord

Contact Commercial Client Manager Elaine hangs her hat in Roxbury. She is responsible for attracting new clients, assessing market opportunities and also manages client service for YardApes.

Kristen Vogt

Contact Office Manager aka Elaine’s Slave Originally from Dover, NH, Kristen calls New Milford home, along with her husband, Matt, daughter Hailey, son, Nathan and dog, Sadie. She bakes like nobody’s business, enjoys a good book, time in the garden and of course, time with her family. This military wife and mother works hard balancing the […]

Michael Herrick

Michael Herrick Equipment & Facility Manager Contact Michael lives in Southbury, CT with his wife, Arlene.  He can repair just about anything in and around the shop.  He’s experienced with construction equipment, machine tools, precision optics, and computers. Michael worked on the Hubble space telescope for five years at Perkin-Elmer in Danbury, CT. where he [...]

Roberto Angulo

Roberto Angulo Estate Management Crew Leader 2008, 2010, and 2013 Ape of the Year  Roberto was raised in Narajito, Ecuador but now calls New Milford home, along with his wife, Kerly and three children, Derrick, 15, David, 12 and  daughter, Dahlia, 6. As an Estate Management Crew Leader, Roberto works on our large landscaping jobs. [...]

Ramiro Parra

Head Mason 2012 APE OF THE YEAR! Ramiro, our head mason, is originally from Ecuador. He now lives in New Milford with his wife, Kerly, and daughter, Lindsay.

Manuel Labanda

Manuel Labanda Estate Management Crew Leader Manny calls Danbury, CT home but is originally from Ecuador. He has three brothers and five nephews who live in Ecuador and Spain. After coming to the states, Manny worked in construction where he learned to hang siding. He came highly recommended from a friend of YardApes and we’re [...]

Alfredo Aviles Hernandez

Estate Management Technician Alfredo also hails from Actopan Hildalgo, Mexico and works for YardApes through the H2B temporary work visa program. He has a wife and two daughters back home and…wait for it—he likes to watch soccer. Alfredo is part of the H-2B non-immigrant work visa program which allows non-agricultural seasonal employment.

Ricardo Hernandez Lopez

Estate Management Ricardo is part of the H-2B non-immigrant work visa program which allows non-agricultural seasonal employment.

Angel Ortiz Gavilanes

Estate Management Angel is part of the H-2B non-immigrant work visa program which allows non-agricultural seasonal employment.

Isauro Perez

Isauro Perez Mow Crew Leader 20 1 4 Ape of the Year 2007 Ape of the Year Isauro is one of our crew leaders, and has been with YardApes for 11 years. He calls Actopan, Hidalgo, Mexico his home and is married with four children. Isauro is part of the H-2B nonimmigrant work visa program which allows [...]

Walter Singer

Mow Crew Leader Walter calls Roxbury, CT. home. He enjoys hunting and fishing in his free time, and is quite good. His father, Art, and brother, Adam are both professional fisherman. (Art has competed in the Bass Pro Tour). Walter likes to be outside and to work hard (we don’t mind that). “Every day is […]

Bruce Brown

Mow Crew Technician Bruce is from New Preston, CT. He attended Oliver Wolcott Technical High School and is a manufacturing tech graduate. He enjoys fishing, skateboarding, snowboarding, hiking and most sports. Bruce likes to do just about anything in the outdoors.

Florentino Barrera Hernandez

Mow Crew Technician Florentino calls Actopan Hidalgo, Mexico home when not stateside as part of the H2B temporary work visa program. He has a wife, two sons and two daughters back home. Whether here, or in Mexico, Florentino loves to watch soccer. Florentino is part of the H-2B non-immigrant work visa program which allows non-agricultural seasonal employment.

Jeffrey Grey

Mow Crew Technician Jeff, another Roxbury resident, attended Shepaug Valley High School, class of 2008. He is wrapping up his pre-law degree from Western Connecticut State University as he works at YardApes. He has a twin brother, Mike, who also works for YardApes. Jeff likes snowboarding, downhill skateboarding, skimboarding, basketball, soccer and cars.

Mike Grey

Mow Crew Technician Mike, also from Roxbury, CT, works alongside his twin brother Jeff. He shares some of the same interests, too: longboarding, snowboarding and skimboarding.

Nick Lopresti

Mow Crew Technician Nick lives in New Preston, CT. and is currently attending Western Connecticut State University. He snowboards and longboards and enjoys, “pretty much anything with a board to ride.” He’s big into Volkswagens, going to shows in his free time. And we hear Nick’s good behind the lens, too.

Juan Perez Mendoza

Mow Crew Technician Juan is part of the H-2B non-immigrant work visa program which allows non-agricultural seasonal employment.

UConn Home & Garden Fact Sheets

UConn Home & Garden Fact Sheets UConn Home & Garden Fact Sheets

Boxwood Leaf Miner

Symptoms: The larvae of this fly feed on the tissue between the outer surfaces of the leaves. This feeding results in blotch shaped mines in the boxwood leaves. The infested leaves appear blistered from late summer through the following spring. New leaves do not show signs of mining until late summer when the larvae are larger. […]

Hemlock Wooly Adelgid

Symptoms: In heavy infestations the feeding damage results in rapid desiccation and discoloration of the foliage. A heavily infested tree may die within four years. What causes damage: The adelgids over winter as adults. In March and April they begin to lay brownish orange eggs underneath the body of the female which is covered with woolly white […]

Grub Control

Got Grubs?  What does grub damage look like? Grub injury causes turf to turn brown in large irregular patches. Talk about a visual- These areas can be pulled up and rolled back like a carpet, exposing the offenders. What do they look like? Well, there’s nothing pretty about them, as their name suggests. They have [...]

Chinch Bugs

Symptoms: Damage appears as irregular yellow patches of turf.  These areas turn reddish brown and eventually die, while the chinch bugs move outward into healthy turf. A yellow halo around the damaged area is typical of a chinch bug infestation. Damage from chinch bugs shows up first in sunny areas with heat or drought stressed grass […]

Lyme disease

Lyme disease is caused by the bacterium Borrelia burgdorferi and is transmitted to humans by the bite of infected blacklegged ticks. Typical symptoms include fever, headache, fatigue, and a characteristic skin rash called erythema migrans. If left untreated, infection can spread to joints, the heart, and the nervous system. Lyme disease is diagnosed based on symptoms, physical findings (e.g., rash), and the possibility of […]

Snow Mold

Winter weather conditions are very conducive to snow mold! When the snow disappears from your lawn, there may be areas of weak or dead turf. Often this damage is caused by a disease known as Snow Mold. What Is Snow Mold? – There are two types of snow mold, Gray Snow Mold (Typhula spp) and Pink […]

Summer Weeds

The weeds that appear in hot weather are some of the toughest to control. They show up when the lawn is under stress from heat and dryness. These summer weeds have some very good defenses that are hard to crack. TINY LEAVES WITH VERY THICK SKINS – Summer weeds usually have very small leaves with a […]


Crabgrass is an annual weed. This means it dies completely every year and sprouts new from seed produced the year before. A healthy crabgrass plant produces up to 4,000 seeds during its short one-season life. WHY IT’S SUCH A PROBLEM – Crabgrass is a very fast-growing plant. It has to be because it only has one […]


Thatch is the layer of living and dead stems, roots, and crowns that forms a type of blanket over the soil of your lawn. A small amount of thatch (one-half inch or less) is acceptable and even good for the lawn. But when thatch accumulates to over one-half inch, it can become one of a […]

Lawn Aeration

Aeration is one of the most important maintenance practices we can employ to help the lawn remain healthy and help ward off problems. It is estimated that over two-thirds (2/3) of residential lawns are growing on compacted soils. Many times, there is no evidence of insect or disease activity, but the lawn seems to be […]

Organic Fertilizer

More people are asking for information regarding organic lawn care. Many people want to decrease or eliminate the use of synthetic fertilizers and pesticides in their home lawns. There is concern some products may be harmful to humans, beneficial insects, wildlife, and pets. This is not necessarily true however. With proper use and common sense […]

Proper Watering

The most Common Error committed by people is light irrigation. Too little water too often encourages a multitude of problems such as shallow root system. The need for watering depends mainly on your soil and of course, the weather. Rainfall is no guarantee. Light showers merely wet the surface. Short down pours do the same. Most of […]

Lawn Mowing Advice

Many people who want a handsome lawn do not realize just how important the job of mowing really is. There are five dimensions of mowing to be considered. (a) Cutting height (b) Mowing Frequency (c) Mowing pattern (d) Mower operation and (e) Disposal of clippings. Cutting height of different varieties of grass is mentioned below. […]

Jason Von Reyn

Mow Crew Technician

Greg Kaiser

Hudson Nickerson

Tom Gambone

YardApes Mentioned in the Wall Street Journal

YardApes was back in the nation spotlight again (albeit in a small way) with a mention in this recent article in the Wall Street Journal.  Looks like these New Milford boys give you some of the best bang for your lawn-mowing buck!  

Many thanks to our Day of Service Volunteers

YardApes would like to extend its thanks to the 2011 volunteers who made the third annual PLANET (Professional Landcare Network) Day of Service a success…Read More YardApes Landscaping staffers Ramiro Parra, left, and Angel Guaman lay down a new path near the estate house at Harrybrooke Park in New Milford as part of the landscapers’ volunteer […]

YardApes, Inc. Receives Award–Lawn & Landscape

NEW MILFORD, Conn. –YardApes received the best large business award from the Greater New Milford Chamber of Commerce at the chamber’s Crystal Winter Gala. Each year, the award is given to a business that provides outstanding service to both the chamber and the community. “I started out with a lawnmower and a truck,” said Shayne Newman, […]


New Milford, CT. February 13, 2012—YardApes founder Shayne Newman, along with his firm’s team of volunteers, will revitalize the green-spaces of one area non-profit organization and one area homeowner, Friday April 20th 2012. The Day of Service Contest is a need-based initiative.  Contest winners, determined and vetted by Mr. Newman and his staff, must demonstrate a […]

Dispatches from Harrybrooke Park

SPECTRUM/Shayne Newman of YardApes Landscaping in New Milford explains his staff’s volunteer involvement in a community cleanup at Harrybrooke Park in New Milford on Earth Day, April 22, 2011.  Photo: Norm Cummings / The News-Times

When “thank you” isn’t enough…

YardApes would like to extend its thanks to the 2011 volunteers who made the third annual PLANET (Professional Landcare Network) Day of Service a success. Thank you to YardApes employees Roberto Angulo, Bruce Brown, Jennifer Burks, Angel Guaman, Raul Guaman, Alfredo Hernandez, Florentino Hernandez, Rosa Hernandez, Greg Kaiser, Manuel Labanda, Chris Lewis, Greg Malmberg, Ramiro […]

Landscape Management Recognizes YardApes’ Community Service Projects

YardApes’ team of volunteers this Earth Day has expanded to include: Peter Montgomery of Montgomery Gardens in Warren, CT, Matt Johnson of Aspetuck Tree & Landscape in New Milford, CT, J. Scott Williams, Landscape Architect, Brookfield, CT, New Milford resident Matt Vogt, and Newtown, CT, resident Travis Ranson… Read more

Day of Service 2013: Five nonprofits and one homeowner receive landscaping from volunteer actions

Day of Service 2013: Five nonprofits and one homeowner receive landscaping from volunteer actions In celebration of Earth Day 2013, YardApes donated materials and mobilized 35 volunteers for an incredible six-site community outreach effort on April 22nd. For the past three years, YardApes has held a contest to find local property owners who demonstrated a […]

Project Update: Labyrinth Healing Garden at Sarah Noble Intermediate School, New Milford CT

As part of a nationwide “Day of Service” initiated by national Professional Landcare Network (PLANET) Lawn and Landscape Association, YardApes selected Sarah Noble Intermediate School in New Milford CT to transform the school’s courtyard into a healing garden and outdoor classroom.  A labyrinth was chosen as the center of the outdoor classroom not simply for the […]

YardApes’ Operations Manager featured in Green Industry Pros

PRODUCT REVIEW: Ferris IS 3100Z Series Zero-Turn Mower BY Gregg Wartgow Connecticut contractor says increased horsepower and improved operator comfort is making a difference. Tom Tuminelli, operations manager with YardApes in New Milford, CT, is trying out a new mower this year: the Ferris IS 3100Z. Tuminelli purchased three of the mowers, which are now being […]

YardApes landscape renovation featured in Consumer Reports

Consumer Reports calls YardApes’ founder Shayne Newman’s landscape renovation, “backyard bliss.”  The “before” and “after” transformation of Newman’s property was featured in Consumer Reports’: Reduce the size of your lawn—and your yard work 5 easy ways to enjoy your yard more and maintain it less The new Consumer Reports survey found almost a third of […]

Healing Garden with Labyrinth and Outdoor Classroom Proposed for Sarah Noble Intermediate School, New Milford CT

Allison Buckley nominated Sarah Noble Intermediate School, where daughter Claire attends fourth grade, for YardApes’ Day of Service green-space revitalization contest. We’re grateful Allison brought to our attention the needs of the students and their courtyard space. Since January, Allison — who is currently earning a Master Gardener certification through UCONN — has been working with Sarah Noble’s […]

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