5 Things to do This Fall!

5 Things to Do in your Outdoor Space This Fall Fall is such an amazing time of the year! We love the cool, crisp air, and of course, the foliage. It's also one of the best times to make serious improvements to your lawn and garden. We put together a list of five relatively simple [...]

Welcome Back!

After the most challenging season in 28 years of YardApes history- we finally had the chance to "really" celebrate! Our team is (almost) all here after an unanticipated change in process with the H2B Nonimmigrant Program, which left us short 15 skilled seasonal Crew Leaders and Technicians - at the worst possible time. We won't [...]

It’s Scary, But Leave it Be!

Above: A tomato hornworm infested with braconid wasps. Above: Two tomato hornworms (sans wasp cocoons) consume a tomato bush. Above: The underside of a tomato hornworm infested with braconid wasps. "The Stuff of Nightmares" Is Actually a Very Good Natural Defense System for Your Garden We found some interesting guests on our tomato plants this [...]

Look for the Helpers

"When I was a boy and I would see scary things in the news, my mother would say to me, "Look for the helpers.” You will always find people who are helping." ~ Fred Rogers   The four tornados and “Macroburst” that hit this part of Connecticut were truly terrible storms we won’t soon forget. [...]

YardApes Inc. Becomes 7th Landscape Firm in US to earn Industry Accreditation

"Lucky" #7: YardApes Inc. Becomes 7th Landscape Firm in Nation to Receive Industry Accreditation It’s getting better, but Landscapers, unfortunately still have a less-than stellar reputation when it comes to the trades. Despite the overall trend of the newer generations to forego manual labor, select occupations within the realm are making a comeback. I never [...]

Day of Service 2018:

Day of Service 2018: Thank you for helping others connect to nature!   Volunteers from Day of Service 2018 pose after breakfast at "The Shop"/Headquarters. (Additional photos are below) On April 22nd 2018 (Earth Day) volunteers from the local community, to include YardApe employees, their spouses, and members of BNI Business Bobcats joined forces to give [...]

Soil Testing: A Smarter Approach to Lawncare

Take a More Scientific Approach This Spring! We “get” it: Spring is here, and like many homeowners are all incredibly excited to shut Netflix down, put the rock salt away, and start enjoying the outdoors as weather becomes more enjoyable and accessible. To many, Spring and appreciation of the outdoors equals quality time spent at [...]

More Than A Check

More Than a Check: Opportunities to Learn (and grow) In Nature This morning I received a text message from a friend and long-term client. While brief, it was dual-purpose, and gave me the chance to reflect on some of the values myself and the majority of our staff members hold dear.  First, he congratulated us [...]

What Are We Thankful For?

Ahh...Thanksgiving. A day to quiet the power equipment, take a day away from our offices (both indoor and the "big outdoor one" i.e, outside under the sun) and reflect. It's been a great year at YardApes, and we wanted to share a few things that some of our Apes are particularly grateful for during the [...]

YardApes Earns National Award at Conference in Louisville

I have been going to Louisville for LANDSCAPES (National Association of Landscape Professionals/NALP's annual networking and tradeshow) for several years now. LANDSCAPES isn't just a few dirty guys sharing crazy stories and drinking cheap domestic beer around a fire by any means. This is the no-kidding Superbowl of landscape conventions, an invaluable tool for organizations [...]

Victory Measured in Inches

We cut grass slightly higher than some clients are used to, and thought we would take the opportunity during September's first ApeMail to explain the science behind it. This week our Mowing Operations Manager Jason von Reyn (pictured above) answers five questions on cutting height and thatch buildup to alleviate some of the mystery behind lush, [...]

Apes In Washington D.C!

On July 15th 2017, a small caravan of YardApes Inc. fleet vehicles began making its way from the company’s headquarters in New Milford CT to Washington DC. The contingent includes YardApes Inc. founder Shayne Newman, along with employees Greg Kaiser, Isauro Perez, Alfredo Aviles, Richardo Hernandez, Filemon Garza, and Ruben Meza-Villeda, and Maximus Juarez who [...]

Something Different for 2017

Outdoor Living: More than Mulch, Brick Pavers, and a Neat Row of Boxwoods. "Landscaper" and "Landscaping". What do those terms mean to you? For many, "Landscaper" conjures up an image of a weathered, sweaty guy on a zero-turn mower in a t-shirt, cutoff jeans, bouncing from lawn to lawn, or planting flowers in neat little [...]

Helping The Community That Helps Us

Drink Water and Do Your Stretches! Day of Service - April 22nd, 2017 “Day of Service” is particularly near and dear to our hearts. In 2009, we became Day of Service charter participants, partnering with the National Association of Landscape Professionals (NALP) in a nationwide volunteer outreach. In October 2016 we formally added another day where [...]

Mulch: Get a Load of It!

Get a Load of It! Calendars are nice, they keep us running on schedule, but I don't consider Spring and Summer to be officially "here" until the scent of expertly shredded pine spruce lingers on every well-maintained property. Yes, it's mulching season, and we wanted to share a few things on the topic that you [...]

Arrive (and relax) In Style! A Brief Overview of Walkways and Patios

Hello Again!   Our last post touched on outdoor kitchens and firepits, and we may have gotten a little ahead of ourselves. With all things in life, it's nice to not only get somewhere, but arrive in style. On that note, today's topic will cover walkways, patios, and give us the opportunity to show off [...]

Outdoor Kitchens and Firepits: Bring The Inside Out

Get Fired Up! Spring and Summer wouldn't be the same without the backyard tradition of cooking (depending on your definition), a few tasty cold beverages, and deep conversation around the fire. Everyone has their own way to go about it, and some are content with the standard and time-tested rusty charcoal grill, and perhaps a few [...]

Estate Management: More Than A Simple “Mow and Blow”.

What is Estate Management? As Landscape Professionals, we realize that the value of our services lies mainly in offering solutions that save time for our clients, both in the execution of work, as well as the arrangement and planning phases. Estate Management (EM) is the term for the bulk of our garden maintenance package offerings here […]

Ticks, Tubes, And How to Prevent Lyme Disease.

Ticks Updated 20 March 2018 Congratulations! While the dreaded "snowflake" symbol still looms on the forecast, Winter is officially over today! It's finally the time of year when everyone begins to slowly emerge from the proverbial woodwork, stows the hats, gloves, ice scrapers (and the rest of the fun cold-weather accouterments) and starts making plans [...]

Landscape and Winter: An Unlikely Match

Maintenance Wintertime and landscape improvement might seem like an odd couple of sorts, but really it is a great time to look over your property. What should we look for? For starters, safety of both life and property should be the primary goal of any landscape endeavors. Take advantage of the fallen leaves and scout [...]

Couldn’t do it without you

YardApes would like to extend its thanks to the sponsors, contributors and donors who made the 2015 Quad-Am Golf Classic a success. Thanks to our gold sponsor, SouthPaw Builders, and to silver sponsors Aspetuck Tree & Landscape, DPT Plumbing & Heating, and Parker Medical. Thanks also to our beverage sponsor, New Milford Spirit Shoppe and […]

Trim those Spirea and you may get a nice bonus

Now that we are well into July most of the small Spireas have just finished blooming or about to. Give them a little trim to cut off the dead flower heads, and they may push out some new bonus flowers for you in August.


Soil pH and Liming Lawns

My father-in-law is an old-school kind of guy. In spite my best efforts to resuscitate his lawn each year, he goes rogue. He’s a classic “weed & feed.” On our first 50-degree day a few weeks back, he asked me if he could get to seeding. And fertilizing. And liming. It’s spring; the warm weather […]

YardApes Continues to Grow – Please Welcome J. Scott Williams, Our New Landscape Architect

Fifteen years ago, YardApes founder, Shayne Newman met Landscape Architect, J. Scott Williams when the two had a client in common. A local Connecticut lawn maintenance client of YardApes hired Scott to design an ornamental garden.  Their like-mindedness made for a seamless and successful project. Scott and Shayne shared not only similar landscape aesthetics, but […]

Peace of Mind

  There was something very special about this year’s holiday dinner. Yes, we had some new faces, and we chose a new venue.  The spirit was much the same of years’ past–lively, fun, a little rowdy at times.  I sat in the corner, quietly taking it all in. I was overwhelmed with gratitude for these […]

Friends with Benefits

Follow us on Facebook and have access to all things YardApes: events, advice, gardening tips, case studies, and community outreach. We’ve embraced this social medium as it disseminates information quickly and easily. We aim to get YardApes news to you faster and in a way that’s manageable. Our Facebook content comes from our databases, experiences, […]

Meteor showers, thankfulness, and the new year

In honor of my mother’s birthday—New Year’s Eve—and because no one can say it better, I’d like to share her Backyard Botany column from 2002 for The Norwood Post. It’s a fitting tribute to my mother, to the beauty in nature, and to the year ahead. To health and happiness, Shayne   Meteor display ignites […]

The Forman School Visits YardApes

  Ms. Nicole Szigeti and her students spent an afternoon at YardApes last month to hear Shayne speak to the principles of leadership that have guided him in business and in community outreach. Students came with thoughtfully prepared questions and an eagerness to learn. The Forman School is a coeducational college preparatory boarding and day school for students […]

YardApes Rocks Out 2011 Day Of Service

When “thank you” isn’t enough…

YardApes would like to extend its thanks to the 2011 volunteers who made the third annual PLANET (Professional Landcare Network) Day of Service a success. Thank you to YardApes employees Roberto Angulo, Bruce Brown, Jennifer Burks, Angel Guaman, Raul Guaman, Alfredo Hernandez, Florentino Hernandez, Rosa Hernandez, Greg Kaiser, Manuel Labanda, Chris Lewis, Greg Malmberg, Ramiro […]

YardApes Earth Day Contest Referenced in The Litchfield County Times

A Planet member and Landcare Network Public Relations Committee Chairperson, Mr. Newman is a recognized leader in community service contributions throughout the year. The YardApes founder became a “Day of Service” charter participant with the central mission of “demonstrating goodwill and environmental stewardship in revitalizing the places where people live, work, and play… Read more

YardApes Earth Day Contest Referenced in The Greater New Milford Spectrum

“My employees are excited to help out the community,” Mr. Newman said, “and I am proud that they are willing to donate their time and energy during the gear up of our busy spring season… Read more  


New Milford, CT. February 24, 2011—This Earth Day, April 22, 2011, YardApes founder Shayne Newman, along with his firm’s team of volunteers, will revitalize the green-spaces of one area non-profit organization and one area homeowner. The Day of Service Contest is a need-based initiative.  Contest winners, determined and vetted by Mr. Newman and his staff, […]

Integrated Pest Management

Integrated Pest Management Lately everything is green—green industry, green technology, green spaces, green tea. I often worry the trendiness of all things green will overshadow what the movement is really about. At YardApes, greenness isn’t a buzzword but a commitment to our environment. You all know that green spaces are aesthetically pleasing and privacy promoting. […]

Now is the time to ‘revive’ lawns and gardens

From The New Milford Spectrum by Shayne Newman, Contributing Writer This has not been a banner year for our lawns and gardens. If you love gardening like me, or you simply love the result of someone else’s work in your garden — that would be my wife –then I can imagine you’re feeling a little […]

TLC at The Children’s Center in New Milford

Shayne Newman and Giles Vaughan—long-time friends and fellow landscape professionals (YardApes, Inc. and Black Lab Landscaping, respectively) volunteered their time at The Children’s Center. The two-day effort included a playground renovation with new mulch and sod, and installation of a safety mat in the toddler area.  We are really proud of the results. Check out […]

Worth Waiting For…

Our hats are off to Sue Metcalf who has spent the better part of two years tirelessly raising money for the new walkway at New Milford’s Historical Society. Mrs. Metcalf had to sell many a paver to make it happen. Here are some photos of the walkway YardApes was honored to install.    

Timing and patience’ mean everything to lawn care

Published in the Greater New Milford Spectrum, April 23, 2010 By Shayne Newman contributing Writer You ARE your lawn.  If you’re overzealous in your approach to its maintenance—a weekend warrior, frenetically weed and feeding—your overwrought lawn will suffer for it.  If you are patient, well, good things (and lawns) come to those who wait. Timing is equally […]

How can we live in ‘harmony’ with deer?

Published in the Danbury News Times, September 23, 2009 By Shayne Newman contributing Writer Ahab had his white whale, I have my deer—any and all deer. They were here first, my wife likes to say, their natural habitat shrinking with each new housing development. While that may be true, I don’t need them eating me […]

Take precautions; watch out for ticks this season

Published in the Danbury News Times, April 22, 2009 By Shayne Newman contributing Writer I am a numbers guy. I have a degree in finance and spend the better part of my day poring over spreadsheets, budgets and the bottom line. My wife affectionately — or not so affectionately — calls me “Rain-man” as I […]