Certification Matters

It may be impossible to quantify how becoming “certified” in the landscape industry will affect your bottom line, but what is certain is that more commercial and government accounts demand certifications by established service providers. Certification is a positive force in elevating service levels within the various segments of the green industry.

While industry professionals understand the value of continuing education that leads to credentials that advertise their expertise, work remains to be done to “educate” property owners and property managers to the value of hiring individuals who have gone the extra mile.

“Without a doubt, certification elevates our industry on the whole,” says Shayne Newman, founder and president, YardApes, New Milford, Conn. “It is the means by which we become landscape professionals.”

Newman says, “We’ve had several employees achieve certification through a rigorous program administered by PLANET. To be certified means unequivocally that we are safer, more knowledgeable, more efficient and more productive.” Read more


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