CT Landscape Firm Supports PLANET’S Day of Service with Local Green-Space Renewal

New Milford, CT. April 10, 2011—This Earth Day, April 22, 2011, YardApes’ team of volunteers will revitalize the green-spaces of two area non-profit organizations and one area homeowner.

 “We received great submissions from our area nonprofits and homeowners,” YardApes founder Shayne Newman said in a statement.  “Unlike our nonprofits that are sustained by community outreach and public and private donations, our homeowner, as she’s not a public entity, will not be named. Because this is a need-based initiative, I want to be sensitive to that.”

The New Milford homeowner’s green-space revitalization includes:

  • pruning of overgrown plants
  • weeding and mulching of her existing gardens
  • removal of high maintenance plants
  • installation of a new low-maintenance garden

“In spite of demonstrating the need, our homeowner was reluctant to submit her green-space for consideration. It was great to meet her and it will be a privilege to help where we can. When it came time to vote, it was unanimous that this was the homeowner for whom YardApes could make the biggest difference.”

YardApes’ team of volunteers this Earth Day has expanded to include:  Peter Montgomery of Montgomery Gardens in Warren, CT., Matt Johnson of Aspetuck Tree & Landscape in New Milford, CT., J. Scott Williams, Landscape Architect, Brookfield, CT., New Milford resident Matt Vogt, and Newtown, CT., resident Travis Ranson.

YardApes staff voted to renew and revitalize Harrybrooke Park in New Milford, CT. The 41-acre private park, governed by a board of managers, is endowed by a trust fund from the late Frank Harden.

Harrybrooke, which receives no funding from the Town of New Milford, relies on Mr. Harden’s trust for basic maintenance. As a result, many areas of the park have fallen into disrepair.

YardApes’ Day of Service plan for Harrybrooke Park includes:

  • removal of dead plants trees
  • removal of brush piles
  • installation of new plants
  • spreading woodchip and mulch piles
  • removal and replacement of the broken flagstone walkway

The Pratt Nature Center in New Milford, CT. will also be revitalized by Mr. Newman’s volunteers this Earth Day. The 201-acre wildlife preservation doubles as an environmental education center.

“We set out to pick one area nonprofit and one area homeowner. This proved challenging as many of the submissions were sound. The Pratt Nature Center also demonstrated the need for green-space renewal. We have the volunteers, so we thought, why not?”

Mr. Newman added, “My wife wanted me to say ‘yes’ to everyone. That’s why we had to have a consensus among the staff.”

At the Pratt Nature Center, the Day of Service volunteers will:

  • install a butterfly garden
  • prune overgrown plants
  • weed and mulch gardens near the Center’s main building

The three projects will be part of a nationwide “Day of Service” initiated by national Professional Landcare Network lawn and landscape association PLANET, with the goal of giving its 3,500 member companies an opportunity to plan, organize, and carry out projects to benefit their local communities.

A PLANET member and Landcare Network Public Relations Committee Chairperson, Mr. Newman is a recognized leader in community service contributions throughout the year.  The YardApes founder became a “Day of Service” charter participant with the central mission of “demonstrating goodwill and environmental stewardship in revitalizing the places where people live, work, and play.”

We believe everyone everywhere benefits from a connection with nature.