YardApes Fall Day of Service 2017

"Apes", local business associates from BNI Brookfield Bobcats, and their families combined forces in an amazing morning of community service on November 4th, 2017.
Five local nonprofits benefited from YardApes' need-based initiative. 

Our mission: “demonstrating goodwill and environmental stewardship in revitalizing the places where people live, work, and play.”


Pratt Nature Center (New Milford CT)


The 201-acre wildlife preserve and environmental education center had parking lots, entrance gardens in need of pruning, fall cleanup, and general winter preparation.


Harrybrooke Park (New Milford CT)

A massive leaf cleanup, in conjunction with other local landscape contractors, volunteers, and YardApes resulted in healthier turf and safer conditions for the thousands of local residents that utilize the park annually.


Macricostas Preserve (Washington CT)

Volunteers collected and removed branches, leaves, nuts, and nuisance organic matter from areas on the property that posed a tripping hazard to visitors.


St. John’s Episcopal Church (New Milford CT)

Volunteers collected  a plethora of leaves, branches, and other organic materials from the Church’s property, finishing off the job with full vacuum service and removal from the in-town property.


The Children’s Center (New Milford CT)

YardApes, BNI Business Bobcats of Danbury, and their families collected several yards of organic leaf matter, pine needles, branches, and other obstructions from the property and parking lot. Our vac truck operator visited and removed all materials at the completion, leaving a tidy space for parents and children to enjoy into the Winter season.


Fall 2017 Day of Service Volunteers


None of this would be possible without your time and sweat!
Thank you kindly to the following:

YardApes Richard Hernandez / Manny Laski / Isauro Perez / Rene Monzon / Filemon Vargas / Giles, Owen, and Sophie Vaughan / Darrick, Crystal, and Makayla Terrilion / Francisco, Rafael, and Leah Morataya-Martinez, Florentino Barrera / Ruben Meza-Villeda / Roman Hernandez-Galarza / Ramiro Yanez / Gregory Kaiser / Thomas Gambone / Jason von Reyn / Alfredo Aviles-Hernandez / Maximus Juarez-Tolentino / Juan Perez-Mendoza / Manuel Parra / Mauricio Hernandez / Ramiro and Lindsey Parra / Jesus Alberto-Millanez / Agustin Orta-Moreno / Martin Corona-Corona / Dustin Radman / Shayne, Ava, and Ralphie Newman

Brookfield BNI Business Bobcats   Marie Dupree / Brian and Brandon Peet / Connor Thomas / Jon, Marcus and Jordan Dupree / Jeff Rondini / Darren Trim / Pat Brady / Norman Urquhart / Dipak Ghosh / Ernest and Natali Horvat / Michael Turchiano / CJ and Charlie Osbourne / Lisa Florentino / Aniayah Malone / James Philipakos / Todd Berkun / Wayne Defino / Doug Williams / Michelle and Allan Varno

We believe everyone everywhere benefits from a connection with nature.

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