Fertilization Technician and Crew Leader

“The grass IS greener (and weed-free) over here.”

Our Fertilization Crew Leaders and Technicians take pride in their craft- and their passion for detail shows on a daily basis as they maintain some of the lushest, greenest, and densest turf grasses in our region

Being part of a Fertilization crew is a great career for someone who likes to move quickly and appreciates green, pest-free grass. They get a tan, stay in shape, and get to see some of the most beautiful scenery that New England has to offer. And get paid to do it. It’s a really sweet gig, and allows for someone with a¬† passion for details to see the fruits of their labor on many beautiful lawns in a variety of settings, to include residential properties, commercial office/shopping centers, and sports fields (like Bulls Field in New Milford, CT).

What Do You Need to be a Fertilization Technician or Crew Leader?

A valid state-issued driver’s license, the ability to legally work in the U.S, and being 18 years of age or over (so you can utilize our fleet of commercial power equipment) are mandatory.

Like all of our positions- the majority of your day during the busy Spring/Summer/Fall Season’s will be outside. It helps to really appreciate and respect the outdoors.

We have been in the industry since 1990. Our amazing clientele has come to expect nothing less than the best.

Attention to detail, positive attitude, willingness to learn, and the ability to make on-the-fly judgment decisions regarding safety of yourself, client property, and equipment during daily tasks is critical. Our Landscape Industry Certified staff will teach you “in the field”, at the shop, and in conjunction with National Association of Landscape Professionals (NALP) sanctioned training events and certification programs.

Additional state-issued licenses and certifications are required to apply many of the materials we offer our clientele and will be obtained through the course of employment if you do not already have them.

What Does a Fertilization Technician or Crew Leader Do on a Daily Basis?

Fertilization Crew members are responsible primarily for the health of turf grass on residential and commercial client properties. They will begin the day by receiving their daily assignments from the Operations Team and/or Account Manager in-person and through Aspire software on assigned iPads upon sign-in. After inspecting, fueling, and loading the appropriate equipment and materials (like fertilizers and pest control items) onto their assigned vehicle, Construction/Enhancement Crew members proceed to their prescribed location where they will first inspect the property for obstructions, wet areas, and other hazards that could make material application dangerous or ineffective. Fertilization Crew members will carefully obtain soil samples for lab analysis, perform visual inspections for unwanted plants or harmful insect pests, and install the prescribed materials (like fertilizers, organic tick control sprays, etc.) at the correct rate of application and record the quantities as appropriate on their iPads using industry specific software. Upon completion, Crew members will return client property to it’s original location and clean up excess materials, leaves, and other debris from driveways, walkways, patios, porches, and structures with backpack leaf blowers to present an overall finished and tidy appearance. They will place appropriate signage at the property entrance indicating materials applied and time/date in accordance with federal and local laws. Fertilization Crew Members may also be asked to assist Estate Management, Mow, and Construction/Enhancement Crews and their normal tasks depending on seasonal, client request volume, and staffing needs.

What Is the Difference Between A Technician and Crew Leader?

Technicians are crew members that do not serve in a supervisory role. They receive on the job development from our experienced staff members, to include other Technicians, Crew Leaders, Operations Manager(s) in accordance with our in-house standards as well as those established by National Association of Landscape Professionals (NALP) Landscape Industry Certified programs. Skill development will occur at Headquarters, off-site facilities, and on client property. All field-level hires, regardless of past hands-on or supervisory experience begin in this capacity. A Technician will work alongside other Technicians and be paired up with an experienced Crew Leader for the day’s assignments. The speed in which a Technician promotes if they so desire is dependent on skill level (both technical and leadership) and route capacity/client needs.

Crew Leaders are field-level working managers. They are responsible for the safety, quality of work, and efficiency that their crews produce on a daily basis. A Crew Leader will generally be working side-by-side with all members of their team as they complete assignments, but will delegate responsibilities dictated by skill levels and experience of their fellow crew members to ensure neat and efficient operations. Crew Leaders should be amazing communicators as they are are tasked with knowing and sharing specifications of each installation or maintenance operation with their team. While completing work in a timely fashion is important, a Crew Leader must develop and make time for training throughout the day that ensures his or her teammates are able to perform their expected duties at a proficient level before allowing them to use equipment or technique without close supervision. Safety is a shared/universal responsibility of every YardApes employee. However, a Crew Leader is tasked with extra emphasis and will monitor all things that can jeopardize health of all crew members, client property, and equipment. They are expected to check the safe operating condition of all equipment at the beginning of the work day, during the course of, and before turning it in. In addition, they should have amazing situational awareness skills and make sound judgement calls in regards to performing work during inclement weather conditions and consider other environmental factors which could negate the safe and effective execution of assigned duties. Being a Crew Leader is a great aspiration for someone who likes to create and maintain beautiful things outdoors, but enjoys the additional challenge of leading and motivating others to perform at their level. They should also consider further development in their skills and embrace the concept of constant improvement for consideration to higher-level management within the company.


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