Meet The Team!

Bridgewater CT Landscaper
each one of us is
a brain, 
an athlete, 
a basket case, 
a princess, 
and has a story.

Our team-
We are the coolest bunch of professionals you’ll likely meet. We are diverse. We are dynamic. We get things done and we have fun along the way.

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"365" Apes

“365” Apes are our leaders, administration, support staff, and crew members that live in the local area and stay on year-round. Despite their present position, most of the men and women you are about to meet have considerable experience in all areas of our services, as well as the “behind-the-scenes” elements that keep us beautifying your property.

Shayne Newman
Kent CT Lawn Care

Experienced in the trade since 1987, Shayne Newman founded YardApes, Inc. in 1990 and holds the title of president. He hails from Telluride, Colorado, but has lived in New Milford for the past 29 years. Shayne received a B.S. in Finance from UCONN, is a Landscape Industry Certified Technician, Landscape Industry read more

Giles Vaughan

Born in 1971, Vice-President Giles Vaughan and Shayne go back, way back to school when they shared a home, chores were distributed via notes on the refrigerator door, and degrees weren’t yet in existence (yet).
In 2015 Giles decided to join forces with YardApes bringing 20 years of landscape read more

Becky Mulhare
Becky Mulhare
financial wizard

Our Wizard hails from Roxbury, but has served our Country as a Military Spouse, and thus lived in various locations (to include Fort Bragg, NC and Burlington VT). A ten-year veteran of the bookkeeping world, Becky came on with us full-time in February 2017 read more

Kim Valzania
Kim Valzania
client happiness director

Kim was born and raised in New Milford. She and her husband Mark have two grown, flown, “delightful” children who were also born and raised in New Milford. This part of her story is an absolute yawn fest, so let’s move on. Her work experience is both storied and varied read more

kaiser copy

Greg Kaiser
operations chief

Greg has been with Yardapes since 2008. He oversees daily operations and the scheduling of our enhancement and construction crews, as well as account management. Greg has been in the green industry in various roles since 2003, including stops in golf course maintenance. Greg’s passion for landscaping started  read more

jason copy

Jason von Reyn
account mgr.

Our newly minted Account Manager comes from Bridgewater, CT. He recently became Landscape Industry Certified in Turf Maintenance. Not one to rest on his laurels, Jason has attended multiple National Association of Landscape Professionals conferences around the United States. More than just a master of turf and the read more

George Gudauskis
mechanic/mad scientist

“It started with an Erector Set…” George is our Mechanic/Fleet and Facilities Manager, and one of the most detail-oriented folks that our shop has ever seen. A New Milford native, this renaissance man can not only repair and restore just about anything, but is an awesome chef (specializing in gourmet beans) and enjoys fishing, skiing, and hiking.


Grant Dupill
digital overlord.

Stay tuned for Grant’s updated bio!


Roberto Angulo
estate mgmt crew ldr.

Roberto was raised in Narajito, Ecuador but now calls New Milford home, along with his wife, Kerly and three children, Derrick, 15, David, 12 and daughter, Dahlia, 6. As an Estate Management Crew Leader, Roberto works on our large landscaping jobs. He is a Landscape Industry Certified Technician, has his Operator’s License in Pest read more

Ramiro Parra
head mason

Ramiro, our head mason, is originally from Ecuador. He now lives in New Milford with his wife and two daughters. Ramiro is admired by co-workers and clients alike for his beautiful work. He brings to YardApes a skill set that translates to incredible hardscapes and waterscapes for our clients to enjoy.

Francisco Morataya
estate mgmt. crew ldr.

Don’t let the expression in the photo fool you! Francisco is one of the most animated and lively folks to wear the green polo here. An Estate Management Crew Leader by day, and Professional Chef by night, Francisco is a wealth of knowledge and primarily serves our clients in one of our larger commercial read more

Manuel Labanda
estate mgmt crew ldr.

Manny calls Danbury, CT home but is originally from Ecuador. He has three brothers and five nephews who live in Ecuador and Spain. After coming to the states, Manny worked in construction where he learned to hang siding. He came highly recommended from a friend of YardApes and we’re happy to have him. read more.

Manuel Parra
mow crew technician

“Manny P” hails from Ecuador, and in case you didn’t see the resemblance, happens to be our Head Mason’s brother (Ramiro Parra). Manny takes amazing care of lawns as a mow crew technician, helping out with commercial property snow removal during Winter, and enjoys music.

Tom Gambone
fert crew ldr.

Tom’s one of our locals, New Milford born and raised. He graduated from NMHS in 2008. In his free time, Tom plays basketball and softball. He loves being outdoors (always good considering his line of work). When he’s not watching sports, he likes going to concerts. Tom gives back by regularly participating in our Day of Service. We like that.

Dustin Radman 
mow crew ldr.

Dustin joined us for the Winter 2016/2017 and brought several years experience in turf maintenance, as well as a solid work ethic to the team in Spring. Dustin is a New Milford CT native and enjoys spending time with Jessica (his wife) and working on and upgrading vehicles in his free time.

Cameron McCulloch
mow crew ldr.

Mellow, mild-mannered, and lets the quality of his work speak for itself. Is this the description for some sort of lawn superhero? Perhaps, or maybe we are simply describing one of our top team members-Cam! Mr. McCulloch hails from Bridgewater CT and has been making properties beautiful with us for two years. No “one-trick-pony” read more

Billy Roberts
mow crew technician

Billy came to us in Spring 2017 and is doing a great job so far learning the Estate Management/Landscape Construction as well as being a part of mow crews. He’s also pretty handy with a wrench. When he isn’t “Yard-Aping”, Billy and his good-natured spirit can be found cruising or working on his Harley around picturesque Litchfield County.

Marisa McLaughlin
estate mgmt. technician

Move over gentleman! A serious force to be reckoned with is here…and her name is Marisa! Marisa joined the team in Spring 2017 as an Estate Management Technician. She is the youngest of four siblings and get this: plays D2 Lacrosse at Southern New Hampshire University. No stranger to hard work, read more

Kyle for Website

Kyle Onorato
estate mgmt. technician

Kyle jumped on board with us in Spring 2017. Currently undergoing a Horticulture Program run by the New York Botanical Garden, Kyle is a true asset with a well-rounded skill set and the desire to continue learning (and teaching) others. 

Thomas Elble
estate mgmt. technician

Tom joined us a few Winters ago, on call helping the plow crews with snow-removal. This Winter he came back on for help during the few significant storms, and worked his tail off. Fueled by Energy Drinks only, his work ethic was noticed and Tom is now full-time. While primarily an Estate Management Technician, he is a useful asset read more


Tyler Hansen
estate mgmt. technician

Tyler is no stranger to the outdoors, or hard work! A New Milford native with strong local “roots”, he enjoys playing sports, spending time with friends and family, and  makes community service (and sharing the “outdoor experience”) his priority. As such, he has volunteered at Pratt Nature Center (a local wildlife preserve read more


Laurie Esposito
estate mgmt. technician

If you happen to see a green-clad whirlwind making its way across the landscape, somehow making everything neater and healthier in it’s path, chances are it’s Laurie! Laurie joined on with us in Spring of 2018 after a long stint with a local Public School System and has a ton of energy, evidenced by her hustle, and the fact that she read more

"H2B and Seasonal" Apes

The following men hail from places south of the US border (mainly Mexico and Ecuador) and represent the majority of our Spring, Summer, and Fall work force. Our H2B Temporary Work Visa employees are some of the finest landscape artisans in the industry, and we are lucky to have most of these gentleman return every April. Some (like Isauro “Mr. Miyagi” Perez) have been with us for greater than fifteen years, providing not only continuity and a strong work ethic, but wisdom, laughs, and stories we otherwise wouldn’t have been exposed to. We miss them every Winter and greatly look forward to their return in Spring.

EW9A4367 resized

Isauro Perez
mow crew ldr.

Isauro is one of our crew leaders, and has been with YardApes for 11 years. He calls Actopan, Hidalgo, Mexico his home and is married with four children. Isauro is part of the H-2B nonimmigrant work visa program which allows nonagricultural seasonal employment. Known to all as “El Abuelo” read more

Jesus Aviles
estate management crew ldr.

2016 Ape of the Year! Jesus is one of our Estate Management and Construction Crew Leaders and has been with us since Spring 2014. In short time he has made an incredible impact, not only in the quality of the work he performs and manages at client properties, but with his coworkers and management. read more

Florentino Hernandez
mow crew ldr.

Florentino calls Actopan Hidalgo, Mexico home when not stateside as part of the H2B temporary work visa program. He has a wife, two sons and two daughters back home. Whether here, or in Mexico, Florentino loves to watch soccer.

Ricardo LICT 2017

Ricardo Hernandez
estate mgmt. crew ldr.

Ricardo is a major asset to YardApes, and 2017 marks his fifth season with us. Not only an amazing Estate Management Technician, Ricardo is bi-lingual, fluent in both Spanish and English. As such, he helps us communicate and often serves as translator when needed. Ricardo is part of the H-2B non-immigrant work read more


Alfredo Hernandez
estate mgmt crew ldr.

Our own “Most Interesting Man in the World” Alfredo also hails from Actopan Hildalgo, Mexico and works for YardApes through the H2B temporary work visa program. He has a wife and two daughters back home and…wait for it—he likes to watch soccer. No matter the task, Alfredo accepts the challenge, and is extremely skilled with read more


Ruben Meza-Villeda
mow crew technician

2017 marks Ruben’s second year with us, and it’s incredible how fast he has learned to put nice patterns in the lawns to which he is charged to maintain. Ruben hails from Mexico and is part of the H2B program, and similar to Mauricio (his current counterpart) is an incredibly positive influence on all of us. You may see him read more

EW9A1159 cropped

Rene Monzon-Angeles
estate mgmt. technician

Stay tuned for Rene’s updated bio!


Ramiro Yanez
estate mgmt technician.

Stay tuned for Ramiro’s updated bio!

Roman Galarza
mow crew technician

Stay tuned for Roman’s updated bio!

Juan Perez-Mendoza
mow crew technician

Stay tuned for Juan’s updated bio!

Hall of Fame

Something that differentiates our team from many others is a sense of pride and the desire to remain on board. With that said, for one reason or another we do occasionally have to say goodbye (or adios) to members as they go to their proverbial “other” pastures. The Hall of Fame, with it’s first member (Elaine) is meant to highlight those that remained with us for a while during our almost 30-year tenure, and left a lasting legacy on us and our unique company culture

We believe everyone everywhere benefits from a connection with nature.

Congratulations Alfredo!

Alfredo Aviles was voted 2017 Ape of the Year by fellow "Apes", Management, and clients. We love his amazing work ethic, ability to teach the ways of professional service, and quick sense of humor. You can read more about him and the rest of our team on this page.