Mulch: Get a Load of It!

Get a Load of It!

Roxbury CT MulchCalendars are nice, they keep us running on schedule, but I don’t consider Spring and Summer to be officially “here” until the scent of expertly shredded pine spruce lingers on every well-maintained property. Yes, it’s mulching season, and we wanted to share a few things on the topic that you may not have already been privy to. We have a nicely written and thorough breakdown of all benefits, application recommendations, and types here in our Expert Advice section, but I wanted to paraphrase and give you the “Cliff’s Notes” version of the benefits.

Why Mulch?

Most folks think that mulching is purely decorative. I would agree that most any garden looks vastly better with an evenly applied fresh layer of the stuff. However application goes far beyond appearances and may be your ornamental garden’s best friend in terms of lowering maintenance requirements.

  1. Reduces loss of water from soil.
  2. Like a Thermos! Keeps soil cooler in Summer and root systems of plants warmer in Winter.
  3. Adds new organic natural fertilizer to soils.
  4. Improves drainage, nutrient holding capacity, and structure of soil.
  5. Reduces erosion by absorbing rainfall, and allowing it to enter soil at a better rate than a bare surface.
  6. Reduces maintenance! Mulch is a natural weed barrier and preventative, and will thus save time weeding and allow your plants access to more nutrients.

If you are interested in having mulch applied to your gardens this Spring or Summer, please call us at (860)350-2737 or contact your YardApes Account Manager directly!

We believe everyone everywhere benefits from a connection with nature.

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