Proper Watering

The most common watering error is not providing enough! Too little water creates a multitude of problems such as a shallow root system, slow growth, and eventually the death of the plant. The need for watering depends mainly on the plant, your soil, and of course, the weather.

Rainfall is never guaranteed. Light showers and short downpours merely wet the surface as most of the water is lost in runoff before it has time to soak into the dry soil. We will always be happy with a steady, ground-soaking rain.

How much water is needed? A lawn will use as much as two inches per week in hot, dry weather – and a fraction of that when it is cooler. If you decide your lawn needs water, you should put on enough to wet the entire root zone.

When is the best time? If you can, avoid late afternoon or evening watering. Grass that stays wet for a long time favors development of diseases. However, do not avoid watering at these times if this is the only time you can. The important thing is water! Avoiding late afternoons is secondary to providing what is needed.

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