Snow Plowing  Exclusively for our Services clients. Includes driveways, pathway, walkways, ice control (with treated salts). Typically we set up a schedule based on the client needs.  Often it is based on plowing when snow fall exceeds one inch, two inches, or four inches.

Rooftop Snow Removal   Having the snow removed from your roof can help avoid extensive damage to both the outside and inside of your home. One of the biggest issues is the warmth from the inside of the house melting the snow and creating ice dams. The melting snow flows into the gutters which ultimately freezes, leaving nowhere for the melted snow to go but back into your home. This can also compromise the structural integrity of your roof, leaving it vulnerable to damage from the weight of the snow. See ice damming

Integrated Tick Management (ITM) A comprehensive program employing environmental and personal protection strategies, is the most effective method in deer tick management.  See also Tick tubes.

Winter Deer Control  Starting in November, we either fence or spray ornamental gardens to protect the plants from winter deer browsing.  This is an additional service for our annual services clients.  In the spring, we will uninstall any fences we installed in the fall.  We label all fencing with the position it was on the property so it can be re-installed in the next fall.

Dormant Pruning  Certain types of plants prefer to be pruned when they are not actively growing.  During our garden maintenance program, we will determine if some of the plants in the garden would benefit from this service.  Ornamental grasses are an example of a plant that recommends dormant pruning.

Aeration  This part of our Lawn Care Program.  Typically this is a one-time service, performed in August, and is one of the most important practices in maintaining a lawn.  Aeration will prevent a number of problems, including compaction and thatch build-up. It opens passageways in the soil, allowing better air, water, and nutrient movement. During drought conditions, aeration helps water reach thirsty roots.

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