Fleet/Facilities Manager and Shop Assistant

“Help us keep a well-oiled machine.”

Our Clients expect nothing short of prompt, consistent and high quality service. While operator skill is important-the fact is; our Crews cannot do a lot of the maintenance and installation work without properly functioning and safe equipment! As we have grown over the past three decades, we have acquired an entire fleet of riding zero-turn (ZTR) mowers, walk behinds, push mowers, heavy equipment, 1-ton dump body trucks, various vans, small cars, trailers, flatbeds, hand tools, etc. None of this equipment fixes or maintains itself, and our success in the field directly correlates to the efforts and applied skills of our Fleet and Facilities Management team!

What Do You Need to be a Fleet and Facilities Manager or Shop Assistant?

A valid state-issued driver’s license, the ability to legally work in the U.S, and being 18 years of age or over (so you can utilize our fleet of commercial power equipment) are mandatory.

While a lot of work will be inside a well-equipped and heated three-bay shop, it helps to really appreciate and respect the outdoors as you could be tasked with assisting crews on-site/in the field during all weather conditions. You may also be called to supplement our field workers with their tasks  depending on demands.

We have been in the industry since 1990. Our amazing clientele has come to expect nothing less than the best, and we need our equipment in tip-top shape to achieve client service and maintain safety of our crew members using it in the field.

Attention to detail, positive attitude, willingness to learn, and the ability to make on-the-fly judgment decisions regarding safety of yourself, client property, and equipment during daily tasks is critical. Additional state-issued licenses and certifications may be required depending on the types of equipment and/or vehicles that enter our fleet.

Significant experience with diesel, two and four-stroke gasoline engines (from small to large) is necessary to be considered for Fleet and Facilities Manager. You should also be well-versed with tire repairs, replacement, balancing procedures, and be able to plan and implement appropriate regular maintenance schedules in conjunction with other shop employees. Welding and metal fabrication skill is important as we prefer to complete the majority of work “in-house”. Our ideal applicants will be ready to take on any number of challenges, in several of environments and should embrace and enjoy both variety in their day and taking part in meaningful work that affects every member of our company.

What Does a Fleet and Facilities Manager or Shop Assistant do on a Daily Basis?

Our ideal shop heroes will deal with a variety of tasks relating to the maintenance and repair of our current inventory of tools and equipment. They will also be responsible for upkeep and conditions of the shop and outside yard. Some housekeeping and cleaning of equipment, tools, facilities, and trash/recycling is to be expected during the course of your day. Shop team members will also be responsible for purchase and/or delivery of equipment, tools, vehicles, plant materials, and parts to outside vendors, client properties, and other locations as needed. All positions within our company require knowledge and experience with technology beyond the tools they require to complete their core tasks. Shop team members will be expected to utilize computers (Windows-based networked PC’s) as well as other devices (to include iPads/tablets) to record completed tasks, assist with planning and company-wide strategy development during the off-season, communicate with fellow staff members, prepare and submit reports, etc. Experience (or willingness/ability to learn) with software such as our industry-specific Aspire, Microsoft Outlook, Word, Excel, and Powerpoint will ensure a smooth experience.

What is the Difference Between a Fleet and Facilities Manager and a Shop Assistant?

A Fleet and Facilities Manager is the chief of our Shop and Headquarters Facilities. Simply put- this is the go-to technical expert who is ready to tackle almost any sort of repair or maintenance operation that any of our tools, power-equipment, vehicles, and facility systems/structures can throw their way. Our ideal Fleet and Facilities Manager will be in a working capacity alongside other YardApe employees but will have to delegate responsibilities to others (commensurate to their skill levels) to ensure efficient repair and maintenance of any given item. During the late-Fall/Winter seasons he or she will have many of our year round field staff on hand to assist with switching our four-wheel-drive fleet over from landscape construction and maintenance configuration to snow removal. Our Fleet and Facilities Manager will also work closely with Operations Management to ensure safety culture and accountability is enforced both on the company grounds and in the field. In the spirit of growth and self/professional development, our Fleet and Facilities Manager must be willing and able to expand and improve their own skills by obtaining licenses/certifications to operate or repair equipment on hand as necessary.

A Shop Assistant is expected to be a technical expert on the repair and maintenance of our tools/equipment, vehicles, and minor facility repairs or improvements. While not a direct supervisory role, A Shop Assistant does have a great level of responsibility to ensure our crews have the best working and well maintained tools to perform their jobs to client satisfaction while maintaining a professional appearance (no rusty and beat up trucks here, please). He or she may also be expected to delegate tasks among field-employees occasionally during larger scale maintenance or fleet-upgrade and changeover projects (like when we switch our fleet over to snow-removal configuration in late-Fall). A Shop Assistant will engage with other employees using Windows PC’s, iPads, and other devices to take note of repair/maintenance needs, record data, and maintain the appearance of the shop and the facility as a whole. Our ideal Shop Assistant should be willing to expand their skills and knowledge by obtaining additional licenses and certifications necessary to operate and repair equipment as needs arise.

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