Something Different for 2017

Outdoor Living: More than Mulch, Brick Pavers, and a Neat Row of Boxwoods.

“Landscaper” and “Landscaping”. What do those terms mean to you?

For many, “Landscaper” conjures up an image of a weathered, sweaty guy on a zero-turn mower in a t-shirt, cutoff jeans, bouncing from lawn to lawn, or planting flowers in neat little rows, applying mulch, or trimming a hedge. In the Fall it’s time to clean up the leaves, and naturally, he or she transforms into salty plow and shovel operator in Winter.


“Landscaping” may go a similar bent, with typical rings of mulch around a specimen tree in the front yard, beds with annuals, maybe a row of boxwoods, and mulched to follow the contour of the foundation. Throw a nice set of mow lines in the grass, maybe a gnome or two, and done. Right?

Not necessarily. While some of these cliches or stereotypes may be true for a few home gardens, and the men and women that maintain or create them, there’s a lot more going on out there in the industry, and we’d love to expose you to a few concepts that National Association of Landscape Professionals have identified as taking root across the US. From simple low-tech upgrades like planting gardens that attract pollinators (such as hummingbirds, honeybees, and butterflies) to “Green Roofs” and wifi controlled outdoor kitchens, the possibilities are endless and can surely set an outdoor space apart from the “norm”. Please visit the link below to get the wheels turning, and check out the rest of the amazing resources on the Love Your Landscape┬ásite.

Love Your Landscape! 2017 Trends

Hope everyone had a great 4th, and we hope you are enjoying your Summer!

Grant Dupill


We believe everyone everywhere benefits from a connection with nature.

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