Special Thanks

Last year we thought we’d mix it up a little and do something different for Earth Day. We held a contest for green-space renewals, received submissions, and then spent the next seven weeks deliberating. Nominations rather than submissions came in on behalf deserving nonprofits, family and friends.  It really was a collaborative effort. We were heartened by the community’s response to our contest, so we did it again.

Here’s what Shayne had to say on the matter:

“Before last year, our projects had focused on civic venues. I thought it might be nice, again, given the economic climate, to open this up to homeowners and nonprofits. I thought we all could use a pick me up.”

In celebration of Earth Day 2012, YardApes, and its growing team of volunteers, revitalized the green-spaces of two area non-profit organizations and one area homeowner.

“Unlike our nonprofits that are sustained by community outreach and public and private donations, our homeowner, as she’s not a public entity, will not be named. Because this is a need-based initiative, I want to be sensitive to that.”

YardApes staff voted to renew and revitalize the landscape at the Abbey of Regina Laudis in Bethlehem, CT.

“We set out to pick one area nonprofit and one area homeowner. This proved challenging as many of the submissions were sound. The Children’s Center in New Milford, CT., also demonstrated the need for green-space renewal. We had the volunteers, so we thought, why not?”

The three projects were part of a nationwide “Day of Service” initiated by national Professional Landcare Network (PLANET), with the goal of giving its 3,500 member companies an opportunity to plan, organize, and carry out projects to benefit their local communities.

“The process of choosing the winning projects and then creating a strategy for carrying out each was overwhelming. We strive to do our best always. At the end of the day, however, we couldn’t have been more proud, or felt more fulfilled. We sincerely enjoyed a day working together with the common goal of making a difference in our community. Green-spaces were renewed, as was our belief in volunteerism and community outreach.”

YardApes would like to extend its thanks to the 2012 volunteers who made the fourth annual PLANET (Professional Landcare Network) Day of Service a success:

Thank you to YardApes employees Roberto Angulo, Bruce Brown, Angel Ortiz Gavilanes, Keats Gill, Jessie Goble, Alfredo Hernandez, Florentino Hernandez, Michael Herrick, Armando Jiminez, Greg Kaiser, Greg Malmberg, Manny Parra, Ramiro Parra, Isauro Perez, Walter Singer, Thomas Tuminelli, Jr., and Matt Williams.

To the Brookfield BNI volunteers who’ve become part of the YardApes family, we extend special thanks: Maureen Arnold, Helen Curtin, Jon Dupree, Bob Gilchrist, Dipak Gosh, Doug Igoe, James Philapakos, Darren Trim, Kirsten Ursem and Michele Varno.

Warmest appreciation to the following YardApes’ children and Brookfield BNI member children for their enthusiasm and hard work: Derrick and David Angulo, Ava Newman, and Casper, Merije, and Maud Ursem. If they are the face of our future, then we are certainly in good hands.

To the following area businesses and persons for donating their time, expertise, or materials, we are especially grateful: B & B Mason Supply, Home Depot, Peter Montgomery of Montgomery Gardens, and Planter’s Choice.

Many thanks to green-industry peer, Chris Heiler—all the way from Austin, TX.—who made the rounds volunteering, as well as documenting our Day of Service efforts at each site.

Lastly, to those who, through nomination, brought to our attention the needs of our area homeowner and two nonprofits—The Abbey of Regina Laudis and The Children’s Center—we couldn’t have done it without you.  We are fortunate to have a YardApes community whose generous support makes all the difference.


We believe everyone everywhere benefits from a connection with nature.

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