Spring Is In Full Bloom


We all look forward to this special time of year. Now that the days and nights are getting warmer, outside will be the place to be. Choosing and placing plants is a little more involved than just picking what you like. There are many things to consider before you get started with your plan.

What is your goal? Do you have a color-scheme? Watering challenges? Do you want super low-maintenance plants or would you prefer something you can tend to? Do you want to attract pollinators? Would a custom water feature or fire-pit pull the design together? Maybe you’d love a shade garden with seating in that quiet back corner.

Our experts can help you design and install the garden of your dreams – whatever that dream may be!

“Plant seeds of happiness, hope, success, and love; it will all come back to you in abundance. This is the law of nature.” -Steve Maraboli


Nothing adds instant color and appeal to your landscape more than bright annuals strategically placed in and around your landscape.

Annuals typically bloom more freely and over a longer time period than most perennials. Whether you prefer classic landscaped beds or container plantings, annuals are always a favorite. Planted now, before the hot and dry summer, their roots systems can get established ensuring beautiful flowers throughout the season.

Annuals can be useful to fill in perennial beds as they are starting to grow and they also help to accent your garden color-scheme. Some also make fantastic cut flowers allowing you to bring the outdoors inside!


Victory Gardens are coming back into the mainstream for many people now considering growing their own food. Originally planted at private residences to aid the war effort, a typical victory garden would have easy to grow herbs, vegetables for meals and canning, and hearty root vegetables for winter storage.

Food gardens are a fantastic way to involve the whole family in a summer-long project that yields delicious rewards! Short on space or don’t have a perfect location? Raised beds and containers are great ways to save on space and allow key placement of your plants.

We can help you make your victory garden a success by helping to prepare the soil, delivering compost, planting the veggies (if you don’t want to do that yourself), and installing fencing to help keep out hungry wildlife like deer, rabbits and groundhogs.

We believe everyone everywhere benefits from a connection with nature.

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