I am amazed by our growth. Not in relation to crews or to trucks, but in the relationship we share with our community. We’ve been not only supported-but embraced-by this community, and for that I am truly grateful. -Shayne Newman, founder 



My father asked me what I wanted to do for  a summer job during my freshman year in college. Without thinking it out too much, I said ‘I’ll mow lawns.’ He agreed to co-sign a loan to get me started. I bought a ten year-old truck and a 36” Giant Mow.

My buddies and I would drive three hours round-trip from the UCONN campus to the area I operate in now. Some of those first clients from 1987 are still clients today.

I earned a finance degree and incorporated YardApes in 1990. I didn’t plan on mowing lawns as a career, but I loved being outside, so I went with what I loved.   

We believe everyone everywhere benefits from a connection with nature.