When to prune the trees?

By Scott Williams on March 17, 2015.

Clients are always asking me when they should prune their trees and shrubs and cut down their ornamental grasses. For spring blooming shrubs most often you should prune right after they flower. On the other hand, for most trees, summer blooming shrubs and ornamental grasses the time to prune is right now. I have always recommended to clients that a good reminder for a winter pruning day is St. Patrick’s Day, March 17. Prune Your treesThis year none of us can even get to most of our plants to prune them because the snow is too deep. The general sequence for pruning is to cut out any broken, dead, or diseased branches; then cut out any crossed branches; and then prune for shape. Get ready to do it as soon as you can reach the plants, or let us do it for you. Even now if you need us to we can prune higher branches for you and come back for the lower ones when the snow melts. Spring is on its way!

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