The number one mistake we see when clients try to create a lush lawn is not having their mowing and fertilization/pest control methods “on the same page”.

Of course, factors like shade from trees and structures on a property, along with a lack of rainfall can make it a difficult endeavor for some, but the overwhelming majority of clients we work with have seen amazing results from proper mowing in conjunction with soil testing and the correct application of soil amendments (like lime) and weed control.

We believe in a synchronized approach, and as a full-service landscape firm take immense pride in the time and thought that is put into a combined mowing and fertilization schedule. What many do not realize is that timing of both services is imperative for success. All too often we have gained new clients who formerly used the “shop around” approach when it comes to creating or attempting to fix their current lawn. They hired a “mow lady” who might very well do amazing work. They also signed up for a “fert” guy” (who could very well also be a legitimately skilled and licensed contractor, or even a national chain).

We won’t get into every detail, but the majority of lawn treatments have periods of time where the treated grass should not be disturbed for 24-48 hours (sometimes even longer). With broadleaf weed control, for example-the materials work by absorbing into the leaves of the weeds and will not be effective until the plants have properly absorbed them. Given that most lawn mowing and lawn care companies do the bulk of their work during the Monday through Friday time period, more often than not the situation that transpires is either the grass is cut prior to treatment, or shortly after. This means that in either case the materials will not absorb properly since the majority of the unwanted plant’s leaves were cut prior, or cut immediately after being treated).

While both contractors may be amazing at their craft- the fact is that their services absolutely must sync as far as timing is concerned. Many of our clients had found themselves in the middle (essentially becoming their own “General Contractor”) and in what typically becomes a frustrating situation. The fact is that it is difficult, if not impossible to coordinate services of multiple folks, even if it’s related work. The two entities have their own schedules and may not be willing to adjust their routes based off another, resulting in wasted time, effort, and materials.

YardApes as a full-service firm is proud of our in-house Operations and Account Management team that ensure that every aspect of a client’s lawn (or garden) is performed at the optimal time, by skilled and licensed Technicians. Part of the benefit to trusting us as your full-service lawncare provider is the comfort and security of knowing you do not have to deal with multiple contractors, their schedules, and subpar results.

If you are interested in signing up for both, or adding a missing service to your existing maintenance agreement, please call us at 860-350-2737 or fill out the form below. Your Account Manager will be in touch to discuss if you have any further questions and we look forward to helping you take your lawn to the next level this year!

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5 Reasons To Trust YardApes for All of Your Outdoor Maintenance Needs.

  1. Avoid being your own “General Contractor”. Save yourself time, headaches, and the frustration of following up with multiple individuals to ensure all components of your lawn and garden care are being taken care of in a timely manner.
  2. Better results. All of YardApes’s service schedules are coordinated to produce optimal results for your specific lawn and garden. No more having “the mow guy” come and cut right the grass immediately after a fertilizer or weed control measure has been implemented by your “fert company”.
  3. Simpler billing. No more receiving invoices and having to deal with different payment schedules or methods.
  4. We pay attention to things (and care about more than our primary tasks). All of our crew members are taught to observe and report disparities with anything at all they notice at a client’s home or business. This means, your Estate Management Crew, whose primary job is to maintain ornamental gardens, will likely notice and report issues with the turf, or even things that have nothing to do with plant life (like if anything looks damaged or out of place).
  5. Accountability and being on the same page. Eliminate the finger pointing and stress that comes with the territory of dealing with multiple contractors working on related projects. Since we manage all aspects of outdoor maintenance with centralized communication systems, our crews will know exactly what to avoid (like dates and times that do not work for your property to be serviced).

We believe everyone everywhere benefits from a connection with nature.

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