YardApes Continues to Grow – Please Welcome J. Scott Williams, Our New Landscape Architect

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Fifteen years ago, YardApes founder, Shayne Newman met Landscape Architect, J. Scott Williams when the two had a client in common. A local Connecticut lawn maintenance client of YardApes hired Scott to design an ornamental garden.  Their like-mindedness made for a seamless and successful project. Scott and Shayne shared not only similar landscape aesthetics, but also a mutual appreciation of nature, and concern for the client.

In the following years, the two often worked together on other clients’ properties. YardApes would contract Scott to design a client’s outdoor space when a project required an architect’s insight.  And this year, while working on yet another mutual client’s property, Shayne proposed that Scott join YardApes.

As YardApes’ business has grown to include larger design and construction projects, integrating Scott directly with YardApes was a natural fit.  Among the benefits of hiring Scott as Landscape Architect and Account Manager are:

  • An on-staff architect can advise on any size project, not just large-scale.
  • All projects are reviewed from an architect’s perspective.
  • YardApes’ industry designation from Landscape Contractor to Landscape Design / Build means YardApes can take a project from conception through installation to maintenance.
  • An on-staff CLARB certified architect ensures project design/review by an architect who is experienced in diversified landscape architecture.

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