YardApes to revitalize green spaces

YardApes owner Shayne Newman and his company’s team of volunteers will revitalize the green spaces of one area nonprofit organization and one area homeowner April 20.

The Day of Service Contest is a need-based initiative. Contest winners, determined and vetted by Mr. Newman and his staff, must demonstrate a need for a green space renewal and revitalization.

Last year’s projects included a landscape renewal for Harrybrooke Park, The Pratt Nature Center and a New Milford resident.

“I thought it might be nice, given the economic climate, to once again open this up to homeowners and nonprofits,” Mr. Newman said. “After last year’s efforts, we couldn’t have been more proud, or felt more fulfilled. We sincerely enjoyed a day working together with the common goal of making a difference in our community. Read more 

We believe everyone everywhere benefits from a connection with nature.