These are the core ethos of who we are as an organization. Without these, we would be largely unable to provide the service and attention our clients deserve.


CLIENT FOCUS:    Client = anyone with whom we interact or provide information or services

We treat all clients and their property with respect as we know without them we would not have a job.

We will clear client belongings prior to work and replace them when done.

We work as a team to accomplish our tasks with the quality and efficiency to meet or exceed client expectations.

From entering client property to leaving client property, we will focus on the job and not be interrupted by phone or other influences.

Before leaving client property we will take a moment to look at it to ensure it meets our quality.

We continuously explore new ways to improve client satisfaction.

We ask what clients expect from us.

We acknowledge client requests promptly.

We take pride in our appearance and the appearance of our equipment.


We treat others as we would like to be treated

We listen and focus without interruption

We acknowledge other points of view without judgment in action, words, or tone.

We ask questions if we disagree or do not understand

We treat the equipment as if it were our own.


We only make agreements we intend to keep.

We act upon our agreements to the best of our ability

When we can’t keep our agreements we communicate honestly to those who need to know.

When we see a mistake being made we respectfully communicate it to the person.

We admit when we made a mistake.

We take responsibility for our own actions and the quality of our work (no blame or excuses) and look at how we do things for a solution.

We believe everyone everywhere benefits from a connection with nature.

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